Light and Shadow in Soccer – feature film




The first death of soccer players and their reborn away from the fields.


Depression, social isolation, alcoholism, suicide. Let’s dive into the dramas of real stories of these human beings who live to play soccer and to rise passions in an audience that will soon have already forgotten them.

A contemporary worldwide passion, soccer hides a dark universe of human feelings and dramas from its protagonists, from boys and girls who dream of their first big chance to become athletes even to the professionals who get the end of their careers as players, often plunging into shadow and oblivion.

For the Brazilian ex-player Falcão, the athlete dies twice: the first when he stops playing. However to Alex, Fenerbahce’s idol, the second birth is when he stops playing in the soccer fields.

With this approach to soccer, this project proposes to reveal the side little known by the fans: the humanity of soccer players, from athletes’ rise to symbolic death, linking the dreams of youth to the challenges of professional players from the soccer world.

The characters will be players such as Diego Gavilán, Fausto Grillo, Neto Coruja, coaches, journalists such as Juca Kfuri, José Trajano and Fernando Prass, psychologists and experts such as Marcelo Noronha.



The following is a research video with material sent by the players themselves.












Idealization: Wallace Reis

Research: Wallace Reis e Flávia Matzenbacher

Script: Luís Mário Fontoura e André Constantin

Direction: André Constantin

Executive production: Flávia Matzenbacher

Editing: Lúcio Born

Visual identity: Guto Bozzetti