Redenção – feature film


DURATION: 74 minutes

YEAR:  2017


CPB Nº: B1700062000000


Amid resources scarcity of an abandoned city, a group of survivors is trying to understand the reasons of contamination. The arrival of a stranger can be even greater threat. What to expect from the future in Redemption?



Cast: Leonardo Machado, Elisa Brites, Marcello Crawshaw, Leandro Lefa, Clemente Viscaino, Lucas Politano, Vitória Bohn, Ander Belotto, Lisandro Bellotto, Mateus Almada

Creation and direction: Marcel Kunzler

Screenplay: Marcel Kunzler and Lucas Miralha

Executive production:  Flávia Matzenbacher

Direction of photography: João Batista Fröhlich

Art direction: Maria Elisa Dantas

Make up: Johnny Left

Edition: Alfredo Barros and Marcel Kunzler

Sound Design: Tiago Bello e Marcos Lopes

Music: Everton Rodrigues